Beer Over IP is the simplest and easiest way to send a beer to someone over the IP protocol.

How to use it?

it's as simple as giving someone a link to the main Beer over IP website. Your "target" clicks on it and he or she gets instant reward!

The default beer is nice, but ain't there any other?

Of course! Just go to the global list of beers and pick up the one you want to send over IP. You'll get a link to a specific beer that fits your needs. Hence you may send stout to someone!

Ain't it cool?

I can't find my favorite beer!

Unfortunately, this website is not a beer anthology (yet). But you could help it by hunting for a Free (as in speech) picture of a beer (Flickr has tons of them) on the web, or take one picture by yourself, and publish it under a Creative Commons License. Once you have:

go straight to the BeerOverIP bug interface and file a bug. The title may be: "new beer: [this sort of beer] could be added to the list". You may proceed by sending links to the picture and texts, or attach files in the bug report.

If your new beer is a nice candidate and fits the right criteria, it may be added to our database as soon as possible.